EMERGENCY END OF THE MONTH BUCKET FUND: 3 orphaned range foals need to be picked up and saved!!

OK, this is really, really sad.  AND URGENT!  WE NEED TO HELP THEM TODAY!

A rancher, whose range shares a fence with BLM land, found 3 of his mares – dead.  Right near the 3 mares were 3 foals, wandering… scared… alone.  He thinks they are a few weeks old.

The rancher has no idea what happened to his mares.  No bullet wounds.  But he fears that some poison used by the BLM for “pests” may have blown over the fence.  But he isn’t sure at all.

The rancher has no use for nor any way to help 3 orphaned foals.  So, HE IS SENDING THEM TO AUCTION where they will surely die  – if they even make it that long.

The rancher did have enough kindness in him to ask a Rescue to take them.  He did bring the foals in and put them in a corral.  But, he has no milk replacer and no food for them and wants them gone before they perish.  He has already lost enough money on his three mares.  He isn’t interested in caring for these babies.


All About Equine Animal Rescue is willing to take these babies on board and provide 24 hour care.  We need to purchase these babies (minimal cost – but the rancher wants to be paid), transport them to a temporary center with medicine and milk replacer on board, get them immediate attention (electrolytes, fluids, etc) and then transport them to AAEAR where they can care for these babies 24-7.

LET’S HELP THESE BABIES MAKE IT!  PLEASE!  They are innocent.   Time is of the essence.  If we can pick them up on Wednesday, all the people/docs/meds will be in place to care for them!


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