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Each Month, HORSE AND MAN has a Drop in the Bucket Fund for a specific equine charity. My theory is that sometimes it is easier to give anonymously in a very small amount than not give at all because one feels embarrassed to give just a little.

Well, many of us feel that way. But, if we put all the drops in one bucket, it makes a difference in some horse’s life. So, that is what this page is about. If you feel moved by our monthly Bucket Fund story but only have a few dollars to spare, we are happy to help it grow bigger.

All donations are compiled into one larger donation to be gifted at the end of the month.

Horse & Man, Inc is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 corporation so all donations are tax-deductible.  Please save your Pay Pal receipt for your records.

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Oy, so many emails over the last few days!!  Everyone wanting money!  To be honest, it has been driving me a bit crazy.  I bet the same holds true for you…

So, even though today is the day I chose to announce the December Bucket Fund, please know that I know how you feel.  And I promise – I PROMISE – that if you give to the horses through the Bucket Fund, I will make sure any request for a certificate is promptly and accurately addressed.

I also promise that if you purchase any jewelry for the horses through Jewelry with a Purpose, I will make sure the item is perfect, gift wrapped and sent off immediately.

I have also promised to these Bucket Fund horses, that I will do my very best to help them.

So… without further ado… the December Bucket Fund Stories!

Our December Bucket Fund Horses!

Our December Bucket Fund Horses!  Lila, Cinny and The Mustangs!


YES, Donation Gift Certificates are available to give as gifts!  For example:  “A donation was made in your honor for Lila…”   (Scroll down!)


Cinnamon is at The Golden Carrot Old Folks home for horses with age or special needs.  Cinnamon has both… He’s well over 30 and needs a special diet (he was very thin and had bad teeth), is sensitive to light, has arthritis… but he gets around quite well and has a very dapper and charming personality!

Look at that face! How could anyone abandon this old guy? He is so sweet and you can tell that he has very wise eyes…

Cinny fat pony

Cinny has gained his weight back and now spends his time out in the pasture, wooing his favorite mares, Ashley and Peanut. In fact, he won’t go into his stall at night until the girls have bedded down first.

In fact, Cinny refuses to go into his stall at night until his favorite mares, Ashley and Peanut, are bedded first.  What a Gentleman!

Cinnamon’s story:  Sadly, he was dumped a few months ago.  His owners didn’t want Cinny anymore and were arranging to have him put down… but hisis rescuers saw the glint in his eye and set forth to find him a new home.  Cinny landed well.  He was cared for immediately and has blossomed!

Please help Cinnamon with his monthly expenses this December.  Many, many thanks!

            Click here to donate to Cinny!

Fundraising Thermometer

I have a very soft spot for the old, discarded horses. They are so wise and kind…

2)  LILA, THE MINI DONK who beat the odds but now has a tremendous bill to pay!

Do you remember Lila?!  She is the young, mini donkey that had the misfortune of meeting an uneducated vet who operated on a sarcoid which made it spread horribly and take over her left eye.

Luckily, the fine doctors at UC Davis spent an entire YEAR helping this little one fight the sarcoid through many, many Cisplatin treatments.  (Hence the need for a helping hand Bucket Fund…)

Thank goodness for Lila’s owner who convinced the UC Davis staff to care for this tiny donk… and thank HorseGods for the staff at UC Davis who kept up the good fight, without full payment, because they had to…

She made it!

She made it!

Would you like to help Lila by donating to her UC Davis Compassionate Care Fund?  Then Click here!


Fundraising Thermometer

She made it! Lila spent A YEAR at UC Davis undergoing numerous Cisplatin treatments and finally, she has beaten the unbeatable sarcoid! Thank you, UC Davis, for fighting on!


Now that Horse & Man has a non-profit arm, we plan on re-wilding Mustangs on private ranch lands.  Our plan is to use Heritage Ranching methods where range cattle can roam with the wild equine herds as it was with the bison and the mustangs/burros years ago.  Symbiotic, heritage ranching.

This is a delicate and involved process.  The plans are set but the lands need to be acquired.

For us at Horse & Man, we want to remember the Equine’s gift to us – and give back.


Fundraising Thermometer

CLICK To go to the website

CLICK To go to the website


I also offer ‘Certificates of Donation’ that can be given as a gift to anyone.  I will happily create a certificate if requested for any donation amount.  So, if you donate to any of the three horses above, just write in the ‘comment’ box if you’d like a certificate!  If you’d like me to personalize it with a giftee name and donation amount, I’m happy to do that for you!

Here is an example…  I’m happy to make one for you!



JEWELRY WITH A PURPOSE – For the horses!


Click here for webpage, click here for Facebook!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.34.57 PMWe gift wrap, can add personal message and drop ship! Just email me !

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Every donation counts!  Click image to see the new pieces!

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every sale counts! Click image to see the new pieces!


ST. FRANCY STERLING SILVER PENDANT (with necklace ring) “Watch Over Me!”

Click here to GET THIS DEAL!  ST. FRANCY FOR $15!

CLICK image to get the deal! TODAY ONLY: $15!



If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!


JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Every donation counts!  Click image to see the new pieces!

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every donation counts! Click image to see the new pieces!

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  1. MET

    The donate link for Shelby doesn’t appear to be working this morning. The one for Beauty’s Haven is working. I wanted to get a second certificate for Shelby…. Thanks!

  2. Jean Brown

    OMG, how on earth that person got through Veterinary school (maybe he or she did not and is fradulently pretending to be one?) is incomprehensible. I hope the powers that be at UC Davis will report that idiot to the State Veterinary licensing board. That poor little donkey.


    Dear Dawn,
    First, am so impressed & happy with how the top Mama looks! If adaptability is a sign of intelligence & vitality & wit put an individual in the lead one evolutionary sweepstakes, Mama Tess must have proved that she’s the next link by now. So happy for you.
    Having read about this month’s bucket fund & having wanted to adopt a mustang for awhile, My old horse just died but, like many people I don’t have my own place so have yo board my next horse. Because I live in a beautiful place,my area–, Monterey, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, Seaside & Further –;each way,

  4. Paula S. Paro

    Mornin, I read H&M daily. I live in Baja MX., where we have ALOT of NEGLECTED HORSE’S. I have a MUSTANG GELD., he’s the JOY of MY LIFE. It would be GREAT, WONDERFUL, to be ABLE to TAKE ON some of the HORSE’S, LESSEN the LOAD? It MAY be to HARD, with the BORDER SITUATION. Im told they have to be QUARANTINED for 30 DAY’S? have you heard that as well? I’ll keep you ALL in MY PRAYER’S that the LIVE’S of these HORSE’S, to FIND SAFE HAVEN’S , like what YOU ALL DO. And I THANK YOU for that! Get in TOUCH. Also, is there ANY RANCH RENTAL’S in YOUR AREA’S? Ty. XOXO

  5. Dana

    Dear Dawn and Mama Tess, wishing you a speedy recovery. You have a herd of kindred spirit cheering and praying for you. Lots of love and light.

  6. kathy

    Betsy Rose’s story is heart breaking. Thank God for Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue, under their care, she is getting a little stronger every day. I follow their blog & on FB. They are so amazing, Betsy Rose has someone with her 24/7! This is accomplished with no staff, Volunteers only!! That’s dedication….

  7. Candi C Cooper

    SWR Adoption 911/ Healing Hooves would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to Horse & Man.
    This months fundraiser in Busters honor yielded more than we could of ever expected.
    Thank you Dawn for giving back to the animals!!!! You are a gem xoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Suzi Baker

    My 33 or 34 year old horse just died and in his honor I would be delighted to donate to Buster. Sweetwater is doing the right thing as is Dawn by all the horses featured as well as by all those allowed to do something, especially if, like me, we can’t rehome the horses ourselves.

  9. Delrene

    Happy Birthday to y ou today and your special request is on it’s way to Buster via Paypal. Thanks for what you do for all the equines and for Buster.

  10. Lynne

    Maybe I missed it, but do any of these foals for adoption have papers, or is it known who the dam and sire are? I mean do they use decent mares and stallions for the breedings, or are these 4th gen backyard bred mares foals? Are there any draft mixes? Can you please refer me to where there is more info on the actual background of these little guys, I might be interested in adopting depending on a few things. How old are they when they are adopted out? and do they have any older nice horses to teach them horsey stuff… like a gelding or two to act as baby sitters.?thank-you for your efforts!

  11. Suzan Lee Jackson

    Casey–Thanks for your help in this matter regarding “Red”. I am looking forward to seeing the pedigree on this horse.

  12. Casey O'Connor

    For Suzanne Jackson, we are going to get “Red”‘s paperwork in a few days, per an employee at the Castaic shelter, and she said his name is “Pepe” something and seemed to be impressed at his lineage. I’ll be posted that as soon as I get it, I promise!

  13. Suzan Lee Jackson

    The Quarter Horse named “Red”, does he have AQHA registration? I am asking because he looks so much like the line of horses I used in my own breeding program and I have been hunting for these horses. I would appreciate knowing the dam of this horse if that is at all possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Suzan Lee Jackson

    We can all honor the two mules slaughtered and stuffed out for a museum exhibit by boycotting the museum. There is no need for live animals anywhere to be sacrificed when fiber glass will do just fine. People of all ages need to use their God-given imaginations instead of being catered to, which only serves to dull an already lazy imagination.

  15. Michelle Olivera

    Hello so i volunteer at the ranch and i cannot explain fully how much love and work we put into these horses. Every single person that comes their does it on their own time and truly there for the horses, non of us gets paid and we do it out of our hearts. Champ has become much more alert and loves his baths i give him. He eats all his meals with joy and is drinking quite well. He has made good friends with the pregnant mare and looks like his strength is slowly coming back :) please please please donate as we are non profit and we have over 65 horses, you can only imganie how much a healthy horse cost now imagine 65, most which are recovering, all which were abused. The expenses are over the top. Every amount is greatly appreciated <3 Thank you all for the donations!

  16. dawndi Post author

    The email had issues on that day which was a big problem since it was a donation day… Sigh. I cannot fix emails once they are sent. But, I believe all links are fixed now. If you ever have that issue, please let me know – AND, you can always click on the HORSE AND MAN header in your email which will bring you to the main website where there are two links to the Bucket Fund. One at the bottom of the page and one in the right sidebar. Thanks for asking!! Today’s email works…

  17. Pam Cox

    I clicked on your picture of the the horse with the bucket (in the email). It didn’t go to the right place…in fact, it went nowhere. Broke? Or maybe my computer is having a performance problem?

  18. Kate Wheeler

    We’re going to do all we can to help Adella. What she went through is heart breaking. Such extraordinary courage she has, quite an inspiration to those determined to pull through adversity and carry on. I will never forget her.

  19. kathy cyphers

    Hi…god bless you all……I would love to volunteer if it is in my area….I can walk horses or whatever y ou need. I am blessed to have a 14, 11 and 3 year old that are happy and healthy.

  20. John

    Monday after Thanksgiving. Things are back on track. Autumn is growing like a weed and we are slowly adding back Goats milk. She is creep feeding on Foal-lac pellets and a measured amount of water (she plays and drinks very little) Her activity level has stepped up a notch and all is well with the wonderful Bizzy. Now the only hitch is the possibility that the hernia at her umbilicus is slightly larger We are watching it and any change may prompt a quick surgery. Thanks again to all that have donated, We will soon be last months bucket fund so anyone who is thinking about donating still has a few days left.

  21. Doug

    It looks like the donation thermometer hasn’t moved in a week. I know the Christmas holiday is upon us and we have shopping to do, but here’s a great gift idea for the horse lover. A donation to Autumn in someones name. I’ll make one.

  22. Cynthia Buczkowske

    How’s baby Autumn? I agree with Robin’s comment about how pretty she will be when she grows up. Looking good will be a tribute to her wonderful dam and sweet revenge on those humans who abandoned her. As we all know looking good is the best revenge.

  23. robin

    How is Autumm doing. When she grows up she will be so pretty. Just look at now as a baby. Keeping her in my thoughts.

  24. Doug

    Progress. God I love progress. Given the time of year and the beautiful way Mother Nature shows off her colors, Autumn was the perfect name.

  25. John

    Still moving forward. Friday after Thanksgiving, Slowly moving past a constipation episode (36 hrs). Still milking and feeding every 3 hours. Autumn is exercised outside or in the aisle a couple of times each day. Bizzy is reliably giving 600-1100ml of milk at each feeding. We need to reintroduce small amounts of goats milk to get her back up to the 1500ml she needs. Still a fragile little girl. Lots of new movements and behaviors. Starting to have to push back on acting out but she is very smart and gets it immediately.

  26. John

    Autumn is home for 2 days at Hope For Horses. Bizzy is lactating like a champ but we are being forced by Autumns rapacious needs to supplement with goats milk. Bizzy produces 750-900 ml every 3 hrs. We now feed Autumn on the same schedule and she needs at least 250ml and soon 500 ml of goats milk to reach satisfaction. She is ready to roll when we take her for walks but the vet wants her limited until we see better strength in her legs. We are now totally engaged (instead of paying Pilchuck) and its a 24 hr job. If you are in the Seattle area and have animal nursing experience and would be able to milk and feed 3rd shift please let us know. Spooning with a baby horse is compensation.

    Thanks to you all for helping to pay her ICU bill. You all share the credit for her survival. She was so sick, this proves it is possible for these premature, underweight, discarded foals to live and thrive. We will do everything we can to give her a life that reflects the love and care all of you have given her.

  27. John

    What a day. Started with a call from the Vet that Autumn had spiked a fever overnight and the Vet was worried that this was a trend up on her hidden infection. Since her gut is now working (Thanks to Bizzy the milk maid) and her joints look strong (no plate infection) so that left her umbilicus which is more outie than we would like. So talk moved to potential surgery sooner than later.

    However by this afternoon her blood work had come back and was normal for the first time so the Vet has backed down and we are working toward having her come home tomorrow. Truth is we were not ready so the day was well spent.

  28. Barbara Wood

    Little Autumn has been mentioned on Zenyatta;s diary, and several have donated. I love watching our donations grow each day as we join together to help Autumn…and Hope and…..
    Thank you all!

  29. Doug

    Hi Dawn. It’s been a while since we’ve talked and I still don’t get your blog. Luckily, someone sent it to me and I saw Autumn’s story and had to comment and put out another challenge. I am donating $250.00 to the Bucket Fund and challenge anyone to match or beat me. In fact, as I’ve done before, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU. Reading her story made me think of what a magnificent mare her Mom was to accept all that was thrown at her and still hang on as long as she did to deliver this precious miracle for us to see. How can you not help???

  30. Linda Clarke

    Dawn’s blog and bucket fund subjects have touched me as no other have. I love her sense of humor, thoughful topics and educational ideas. The pictures are great, also. Thank you Dawn for what you do helping the equine world be a better place for the unfortunate.

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  32. john

    I have sent this out to all my e mail friends and I hope that they will donate to this great cause… I suggest that all others send this site to all their e friends as well… I was going to include the address where people can send thier money….But have not found one… Several people have requested it…But I seen none posted… john

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  34. Shirley

    Thank you, for helping the rescuers save, feed, transport & rehab at-risk horses, with donations from the Bucket Fund!

  35. Pam

    I cried today when I read they had all been saved and are in their new homes. All the ones that need to be saved can’t be saved. But I was so moved that these babies were ALL saved. I know the mothers who weren’t saved are smiling now as they look down. And know their sacrifice was not in vain.

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  37. Mike Schiele

    Unfortunately, the same breeder is this week dumping another 50 pair. How can we get him under arrest or in court so he will stop breeding for meat!
    Last weeks group were all rescued with generous donations of thousands and astronomical efforts of many including supreme effort by Debra Hawk:
    We will soon use up all available resources and people willing and able to help!

  38. Donna Banks

    Why not force the issue of neglect instead of intent as far as Champ’s case is concerned. Bring out all the pictures taken when Champ was found. It is only a miracle he is alive now – thanks to Alaqua Animal Refuge. You should see him now – so full of spunk, healthy, and normal weight. It would be a terrible and hateful act to return him to the very man who let him starve.

  39. Doug

    It looks like some of your readers have taken me up on my “Double Dog Dare” of donating $12 a month to the various causes. Way to go readers. Dawn supplied the veneu and the causes, now we must supply the means. There are other things going on that are branches of what Dawn reports on here in her blog. For instance, I just transferred 3 of the Christmas foals up to Monty Roberts’ Flag Is Up Farms for training. There was also a very pregnant mare and a mare and new foal transferred from the feedlots down to 2 rescues in southern California; the CA. Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai, Ca. and the Xenophon Ranch in Morongo Valley. The story is available at my Facebook page Emergency Animal Rescue (Make sure it’s the one with the red logo with the horse, dog and cat). Well, I’m off to Paypal.

  40. Nina Eckhoff

    Love the Bucket Fund! I follow several rescues due to this site… including the intrepid LeRoy and the Junkyard Four… but my favorites (so far!) are the Nurse Mare Foalies. Thank you, horseandman for helping to encourage my renewed passions for equines! And, Happy Passover and Easter to all.

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  44. Karen Keefe


    I met March’s “challenge” with a showing of the green for the Junkyard horses!

    Karen Lee M Keefe

  45. D Ritenor

    Rescues are so tough; we have rescued 3 horses and 2 donkeys in the past and they have forever homes here!! I’ll send what I can as I’m disabled..

  46. Jenn

    Where can I mail my check! I suggest keep running Dougs suggestion,
    make sure all readers read it. What A Great Idea Doug!

  47. NBE

    I want to donate but I do not wish to use Paypal; are there other method that I can use?

    Thanks and speedy healing to LeRoy the Wonder Pony! What will happen to him after he is rehabbed?

  48. Doug

    Everyone can do $12. It’s just $12. I can do it and I’m unemployed (and not by choice). Stupid pharmaceutical industry. I’m switching over to Green Energy Technology.

  49. Doug

    Way to go Karen. Now that’s a worthy Valentines gift.

    I just got back from getting 5 pregnant mares from the Fallon feedlot (thanks to our Equine Angel) and delivered them to 4 sanctuaries in southern California. These places rock.

  50. Doug

    You mentioned in your blog today (Friday, Feb.11, 2011) that you wished everyone who read your blog, all 200,000+ of us, would donate $1 a month to the Bucket Fund. What would happen if we all just did a years worth all at once? $2,400,000 is what would happen. So I put the challenge out to all readers of Horse And Man. $12 isn’t much. A bale of hay. 3 cups of foo foo coffee. But then do that EVERY month. $12 a month. It’s not much. 40 cents a day. And look what could happen. Imagine (John Lennon) what could happen. I’ll send in my $12 now. The challenge is on. I double-dog dare you.

  51. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas

    While reading the powerful article ‘There Is Something We Can Do’, it seemed the author had penned my every thought and feeling about the plight of our beloved wild mustangs and burros. Eerie, yes…but how wonderful to know there is another who sees, thinks and feels exactly as I do. Naturally, I clicked the ‘donate’ button then went to DreamCatcher WH&B Sanctuary site and read every page; what an amazing place! Couldn’t leave the site until I clicked their ‘donate’ button, too! I am so happy to have found Barbara and DreamCatcher WH&B Sanctuary!

  52. Donna Barr

    Ya know what makes my head spin about people saying that mustangs don’t belong here?

    Non-native monkey saying native herbivore doesn’t belong here. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  53. Kym Sargent

    What happen to Honey Bandit is certainly what is wrong with what the BLM is doing.
    I am hoping this sweet little one lives to be able to make his presence known. He could go a long way on saving his species.
    So grateful Palomino took it upon herself to save him. Another true animal angel.

  54. Stacy

    I made a donation in the memory of Passion such a sweet filly here for a short time BHFER is an amazing rescue and wish I had know about the bucket fund I would have cross posted all month..

  55. Lois

    I just tried to paypal for the first time to help with the horses. If it does not come through E Mail me and I will try to send again. Those poor babies who would not want to help them.

  56. Barbara

    A donation was made in memory of Passion and in memory of my beloved dog Cindy who I to say goodbye to last night.

  57. Bruce, Shirley Allen and Critter Kids Too

    TO ALL, Please forgive my delay in writing to THANK EVERYONE for Iron Man’s Bucket Fund. Please know that ALL funds go directly to care for these babies and while BLM is helping us with Foal Lac for the BLM babies the others that come in like Iron Man rely on wonderful folks like all of you for helping with their expenses. Everybody has had their shots and are wormed and ALL are doing extremely well. Our little girls Ellie and Bella have very small belly button hernia’s (seem to be a few in the Calico herd) that will be having surgery in a week or so. These are not at all the extent of little Drew’s birth defect and hernia but please say little prayer. We have never lost one to this surgery so I expect all will go great and they will be up on their hoofers in no time. Again Thanks so much and this bucket fund is such a great idea for folks that want to help and be a part of saving and caring for the critter kids. It makes it so nice that anyone can contribute any amount that is comfortable for them and it sure helps the non-profit groups provide for care and little extras along the way. THANK YOU DAWN AND EVERYONE.

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